Channe has been excellent in working with me to get immediate temporary spousal and child support as we get deeper into the complexities of my case.
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Same-Sex Marriage Means Same-Sex Divorce

It's difficult to discuss the area of same-sex divorce in a country where same-sex marriage is constantly in flux. As of June 27, 2013, same-sex marriages were once again legal in California. Read more »

Same-Sex Marriage Means Same-Sex Divorce

Getting a Divorce in the Military: Am I Protected?

Read more »

Getting a Divorce in the Military: Am I Protected?

I have financial security.

Getting you temporary orders so you can pay your bills Read more »

Non wage earner spouse

Do you have a plan?

Divorce pre-filing strategy Read more »

People thinking about filing divorce but want a pre-filing strategy

I know I will get equal time with my kids.

CC SB Law will fight for your custodial rights Read more »

Spouse who fears losing more than Ĺ of their assets

I saved money on attorney fees.

Lower attorney rates and streamlined processes Read more »

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The Law Office of Channe G. Coles is a full service law firm with a focus on family law disputes. Ms. Coles and her professional staff are here to help you with your legal needs, no matter the complexity or litigious nature of your case. From the very beginning, the goal of our firm is to provide conscientious, aggressive, and diligent legal representation to our clients on all matters relating to California family law. The pursuit of this goal is always matched with integrity and professionalism and a promise that every client be treated with empathy, dignity, and respect.

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