I felt from the moment I met her she was strong and would fight hard. I could not be happier with my outcome after trial. She quickly understood my situation, and made every effort to keep my bill down yet left no stone unturned. If your kids are important to you, if your case is important, then you need someone who really has your back, she will not let you down.
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Surviving the Holidays While You're Surviving Divorce

By Suzy Brown on Dec 02, 2014 at 10:02 AM in California Divorce Law

The holidays are centering points for families. What do you do with the holidays when dealing divorce or broken relationships make you wonder, "how can I celebrate anything?" How can you embrace Thanksgiving or sing about "Joy to the World" or light the candles on the menorah or tell the stories of Kwanza when your life is crumbling all around you?

As hard as it is, it's in times of distress and heartache that you absolutely should celebrate the holidays. The fact is the holidays endure through everything. They are part of the solid ground that transcends what's happening on the surface of our lives. They reassure us that there are some things that do not change and demand celebration no matter what. Holidays are about peace and sharing and gratitude and love. During tragedy, or divorce, or heartache we have to reach down and find those core things at a deeper level, a more meaningful level.