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Practice Areas

Divorce and Legal Separation are common matters in family law, but that doesn't mean every case is the same. Channe will focus on the aspects unique to your position and your needs as she guides you through the complexities of your case. [Read More]

Channe Coles knows there's nothing more important to you than the health and safety of your child. Channe will help you determine parentage and develop a parenting timeshare schedule that puts your child's interests first. [Read More]

Alimony, now referred to as spousal support, is a common area of concern during a divorce. Channe Coles has extensive experience in obtaining spousal support orders, modifying orders, and even terminating support orders when appropriate. [Read More]

Child support is a growing area of concern for all parents as the cost of living rises. Child support matters can be surprisingly complex, especially for those who are self-employed. Don't make the mistake of being unrepresented. [Read More]

If you need legal representation but are worried you can’t afford it, you have options. We offer affordable rates, you may secure a need-based attorney’s fees order, and in some circumstances we offer limited-scope representation at a flat-rate fee. [Read More]

Channe's role as a certified minor’s counsel is to speak with your child, gather evidence that supports their best interest, and present that evidence as a neutral representative to assist the court in making orders that are best for your child. [Read More]

Whether you're a victim of domestic violence, accused of domestic violence, or you want to protect your child from abuse, Channe Coles has extensive and vast experience to work through a multitude of domestic violence scenarios. [Read More]

Generally, assets and debts obtained during the marriage belong equally to the spouses. Dividing the community estate can be very complex, but Channe is well-versed in handling complex property division matters. Don’t risk losing your equal share. [Read More]

If you and your spouse have agreed to separate and have already agreed on the division of property, support, and child custody and visitation, or are close to reaching a global settlement, then the divorce or separation process is simple with the Law Office of Channe G. Coles. [Read More]

Premarital agreements are increasingly important as more focus is put on investments. Premarital agreements may also be used as a guide for financial management during your marriage. Protect your marriage, investments, and yourself by ensuring financial security in the event of a divorce. [Read More]

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