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Try Limited-Scope Representation at Flat-Rate Fees in Your Santa Barbara Divorce

Delaying a divorce over financial concerns only prolongs the inevitable and does nothing to make your life better. You want to move on with your life, but see few options beyond a massive legal bill which you cannot afford. We can help. At the Law Office of Channe G. Coles we recognize the financial constraints of some of our clients and offer them the option of limited-scope representation as an alternative means to keep costs down while still obtaining competent legal advice from a lawyer you can trust.

What is Limited-Scope Representation?

Limited-scope representation is when you and a lawyer agree that the lawyer will handle some parts of your case and you will handle others. This is different from more traditional arrangements between lawyers and clients where a lawyer is hired to provide legal services on all aspects of a case, from start to finish. Limited-scope representation is sometimes called “unbundling” or “discrete task representation.”

Here are some examples of limited-scope arrangements:

  • You can consult with a lawyer and get legal information and advice about your case when you need it.
  • You can hire the lawyer to represent you on certain issues in your case (like child support and custody) while you do the rest yourself.
  • You can hire the lawyer to represent you in preparing a “need” based motion for attorney fees from your spouse in order to obtain the funds necessary to retain representation on all matters of your case throughout the pendency of the matter.
  • You can hire the lawyer to prepare the forms and other court documents, but file them yourself and represent yourself at the hearings.
  • You can hire the lawyer to coach you on how to represent yourself at a court hearing and help you prepare the evidence that you will present in court.
  • You can hire the lawyer to help you with the more complicated parts of your case, such as discovery and legal research while you do the simpler tasks yourself.

Affordable Help on a Specific Family Law Matter

At the Law Office of Channe G. Coles, we provide "unbundled," discrete services for clients who normally could not afford a family law attorney or who seek to handle various aspects of their own case and secure representation only on limited and specific tasks. Not only does this representation result in enhanced affordability, but you can also benefit from legal assistance on a specific task.

“Unbundled” Legal Services at a Flat-Rate Fee.

At the Law Office of Channe G. Coles, our limited-scope representation services at flat-rate fees include:

  • Child custody & visitation;
  • Child & spousal support;
  • Divorce mediation;
  • Preparation of documents relating to a divorce petition and mandatory financial disclosures;
  • Assistance propounding or responding to requests for discovery;
  • Preparation of and responses to request for orders; and
  • Representation relating to remporary restraining orders, support issues, paternity, etc.

Whatever your specific needs are, we can help by providing you dedicated family law advocacy at affordable rates.

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