Channe really has your back. Dealing with lawyers and child custody is hard enough, stressful beyond; but Channe and staff really stood strong for me and I got the results I wanted. She totally understood my situation after only one meeting, and was there every step of the way. She also tried to help me keep my cost down. I could not be Happier :-)
Laura P. (Google)

Co-Parenting Classes - Santa Barbara County, Co-Parenting Essentials

The COPE program is designed to assist separated parents in developing the skills and attitudes needed to adjust to a challenging and/or a high conflict co-parenting relationship. Through goal setting and writing activities, the curriculum will help parents identify and overcome barriers to happiness, effective parenting, and conflict resolution. You will not be in the same group with your child's other parent.

Educational goals are to:

  • help parents reduce conflict with one another,
  • educate parents about the damaging effects their conflict has on their children,
  • help parents learn new ways to communicate and problem solve,
  • make sure both parents remain active participants in parenting your children, and
  • understand and be accountable under the law.

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