"I never felt like my case wasn't being tended to...Her compassion is life-changing when going through a divorce.
B.P. (Yelp)

To those looking for a family law attorney I offer this: 
Family law and child custody issues are often very, very difficult and challenging times for all involved. When choosing an attorney, I looked to find the attorney that I felt wasn't simply there to collect a paycheck or look for any opportunity to overbill a client. I wanted a fighter who talked the talk and walked the walk. I wanted someone that understood the severity of the situation and had the grit and determination to see it through until justice was served. Channe and Lyndzie have provided me and my child a voice. Channe is the advocate that everyone NEEDS when heading into court. 

As a male, I will say that choosing the Channe G. Coles law firm was simply the best decision I could've made. Channe and Lyndize have done their homework and have the research/data/experience needed to counteract the historically biased, unprofessional, and outright horrendous rulings that come from family law judges. The checks and balances aren't there for you. A male has an uphill FIGHT (and I mean fight) to get these biased/unethical/unprofessional judges to do the right thing and do their jobs. You can't do it alone! The beautiful thing is, you no longer have to! If you've taken the time to read this review, take the time to call Channe. You will not be disappointed.