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Santa Barbara Uncontested Divorce Attorney

Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands 

An “uncontested divorce” is a divorce in which you don’t need the court to settle any matters between you and your spouse and are able to detangle your lives without court involvement. For an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse must mutually want to end your marriage and there must be an agreement on all issues of the divorce including the division of martial assets and liabilities, payment of spousal and child support, custody of children, etc.

Santa Barbara Uncontested Divorce Attorney

Where the parties’ know exactly how they wish to divide their property and share parental responsibilities, professional legal advice and assistance is still highly recommended where complicated issues and decisions regarding how to go about the process exist. Oftentimes, the marital estate has complicated assets that must be divided. Real estate, pension plans, 401(k) plans, businesses, stocks, stock options, art and antiques all raise particular issues that must be clearly addressed in a well drafted Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA). Technical legal advice and guidance is also recommended when drafting the “parenting” side of an MSA where complicated issues regarding the sharing of custody, child-related expenses, parenting plans, child support and spousal support often come into play.

The prevailing rule is, however, that each of the above issues usually needs to be settled before a court will order your divorce without further litigation.

Whether it is with us or another attorney, the Law Office of Channe G. Coles recommends you consult with an attorney before attempting a complex divorce settlement, if only to make sure you understand your rights under California law. You may also want to have a divorce attorney review your paperwork and draft your Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA), since this is such an important document.

A divorce is also considered to be “uncontested” if one spouse simply doesn’t respond to the petition filed for divorce. In California, neither spouse needs the consent of the other to obtain a divorce. California law has built-in procedures to complete the process without the involvement of the other party. The Law Office of Channe G. Coles is well adept at handling uncontested divorces which result from a failure to timely respond and will quickly and efficiently file all necessary documents to ensure a favorable judgment.

If you have any questions about an uncontested divorce, feel free to give us a call. Our focus is to help our clients move through their divorce as quickly and efficiently as possible while protecting their rights and meeting their respective goals. Please visit us at our website at www.ccsblaw.com to request a free consultation or via phone at (805) 618 - 4618.

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