Victoria Fauerbach

Victoria Fauerbach started work when she was thirteen at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History with the goal, at the time, to learn as much as she could to help propel her into college to study law.

Most of her youth was spent in court (due to her parent’s custody conflicts) and traveling across state lines for visitation. While her time at the museum exposed her to various new opportunities and perspectives, she felt even further pulled toward a career in law.

Victoria continued to work in education for five years after her time at the museum. She worked for a non-profit retreat program as an Instructional Assistant in classrooms and as a member of the administrative office for various schools. Working with children helped Victoria strengthen her active listening skills, empathy toward others, and approaching issues in a creative problem-solving manner. She has worked with various age groups over the years and found that the most fulfilling aspect was knowing she made at least one positive impact with them that will continue throughout their lives.


Victoria was drawn back into the legal field after these experiences because it provided her the opportunity to work with and connect with people of all ages and provide them some sort of relief during an emotionally trying time.  Victoria’s goal is to work in the legal field throughout undergrad and continue on to attend law school, becoming a lawyer herself one day. 

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