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Lyndzie Pierce

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Growing up in a small, rural town in Northern California, Lyndzie Pierce cherishes the feeling of community and connections made within that community, which is why she loves the small-town-feel of Santa Barbara and the Santa Ynez Valley. 

Lyndzie moved to Santa Barbara over a decade ago to receive her bachelor’s degree in Comparative Literature from UCSB. During time at UCSB, she worked for the UCSB Police Department and continued working as a lifeguard and swim instructor for a local athletic club. 


Shortly after graduating from UCSB, Lyndzie entered the legal field as a legal secretary, completed schooling to become a paralegal, and has worked as a paralegal exclusively in family law for almost a decade. Lyndzie rarely misses an opportunity to advance her education in family law and attends multiple continuing education courses each year, especially in the area of calculating income for support, complex asset valuation, and tracing.


Despite the emotional charge surrounding family law, Lyndzie enjoys working in the field because it takes creative problem-solving and feels like fitting together pieces of a puzzle or solving a riddle to find the best outcome for the client. 


When Lyndzie isn’t working hard at the office, she’s often found at the baseball field with her husband and children, in the mountains, or tending to her dogs, cats, chickens, and expanding her mini-farm. 

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